Call for Volunteers

We need volunteers to help with COVID-19 vaccination efforts!

The state of Utah is looking for volunteers to help get Utahns vaccinated against COVID-19, as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

There are opportunities to help for both licensed medical professionals, as well as for those who aren’t medical professionals, but are willing to assist during a health related emergency or event. Right now, there are 2 different volunteer opportunities to help get Utahns vaccinated. Volunteers can either sign up to become part of a local Medical Reserve Corps unit or a member of the COVID-19 Responders team.

 All volunteers should sign up through Utah Responds at https://www.utahresponds.orgUtah Responds is a web-based registry that helps organize volunteers, and coordinates and streamlines our health and medical response. We identify areas we need help, verify credentials of medical volunteers, and then deploy Utah volunteers where they’re most needed. 

After registering with Utah Responds, volunteers will be organized with either state or local response teams according to their interests and location. Volunteers can choose to register with a Medical Reserve Corps unit at their local health department, or within the state of Utah COVID-19 Responders. Volunteers may also choose to be part of both of the vaccination efforts.

There are a number of volunteer positions that need to be filled. We have a need for both clinical and non-clinical volunteers. Healthcare professionals who would like to volunteer, must do so in accordance with the statutes and rules that govern supervision and delegation by appropriately licensed healthcare professionals. Examples of these positions include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Reserve Corps units

Utah’s Medical Reserve Corps units are managed by local health departments and work mostly on local vaccination efforts. Volunteers are needed for both clinical and non-clinical positions. 

Medical Reserve Corps clinical volunteers may include:

  • Medical professionals licensed under Title 58, Occupations and Professions, who operate within the scope of their practice
  • Medical professionals who are exempt from licensure, or operate under modified scope of practice provisions, in accordance with Subsections 58-1-307(4) and (5)
  • Medical professionals with an inactive license, who previously held a valid Utah license that was in good standing for one of the occupations described in Subsection 58-13-2(1) within the last 10 years 

COVID-19 Responders

The Utah’s COVID-19 Responders teams works on statewide efforts, and are not specific to any one local health department. Volunteers may be asked to respond to a variety of needs throughout the state, such as a mass vaccination site managed by the Utah Department of Health.  

How do I sign up to be a volunteer?

All volunteers must register with Utah Responds at

During the registration process, you will select which organization you would like to join, either your local Medical Reserve Corps or the Utah COVID-19 Responders. Let us know whether you’d like to participate in local or statewide volunteer opportunities. You can participate in both of the vaccination efforts. Make sure you complete 100% of your Responder Profile. Incomplete profiles will not be accepted. 

Becoming a volunteer does not mean you will get vaccinated. For more information about when you can get vaccinated for COVID-19, visit

More Ways to Help

There are still several other ways to help Utah's COVID-19 response. Check out our Donate and Volunteer page to find out other ways to give back and help all Utahns in the fight against COVID-19.