What is community spread?

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Community spread happens when a person is infected with COVID-19 but has not recently traveled or had known contact with another infected person. Limiting community spread depends on everybody taking precautionary measures.

Advice to Jazz players, families who have not tested positive for COVID-19

Utah Jazz game

Members of the Utah Jazz who tested negative for COVID-19, returned to Utah on Thursday. The traveling party immediately met with Dr. Angela Dunn, the state epidemiologist for the Utah Department of Health, who provided instructions on how to safely and comfortably engage with their families and communities. It’s advice everyone can use.

Should I go to work if I feel sick?

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If you have symptoms like a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, you should not go to work. Instead, call your supervisor and let them know that you are experiencing symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19.

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox: Preparing for COVID-19

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox attends a media briefing

Just a few thoughts now that we have confirmed cases of COVID-19 here in Utah. I want to share some of the information that scientists have shared with me about why our personal actions are so important with this pandemic.