Polling Guidance During COVID-19 Pandemic

Utah’s June Primary election is scheduled for June 30, but several changes have been made in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Current steps taken …

Updates to the Case Counts Page

image of case counts dashboard

(June 15, 2020) – Today the Utah Department of Health made several changes to the case counts dashboard. Those who access the page will find …

Uninsured COVID-19 Testing Assistance

If you are uninsured and meet residency/citizenship guidelines, you may be eligible to receive coverage for COVID-19 testing and other related services. This coverage can …

State Leaders Release Utah Leads Together 3.0

Utah Leads Together 3.0 builds on the previous two versions of the economic recovery plan. It addresses protecting high-risk individuals and Utah’s multi-cultural communities as we move forward toward economic recovery.

State Restricts Non-urgent Surgeries

Person having a wisdom tooth extracted

In order to preserve masks, gloves and other protective equipment for medical professionals assisting in the fight against COVID-19, the Utah Department of Health has announced restrictions on medical, dental, and veterinary procedures that are non-urgent.