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Community Health Worker (CHW) COVID-19 training

Please remember this is not medical advice. We are not medical providers. If you have medical questions, you should talk to a doctor or medical provider.

This training is FREE. It will help you understand COVID-19, the role of Community Health Workers in Utah’s pandemic response, and where to find helpful resources and information.

You do not have to complete the training at one time. You can stop the training as often as you need to, and start again where you left off. You may want to go back to watch a section again. You can watch each section as many times as you want.

MCD Public Health also offers a free COVID-19 training for Community Health Workers that you might find helpful at

1. Introduction

2. Where do people get
their health information?

3. Understanding the data

4. The role of community health workers

5. How culture and barriers affect our communities

6. How can I help my community?

7. COVID-19 testing information

8. How much does testing cost?

9. Contact tracing

10. Contact tracers and CHWs can work together

11. Quarantine and isolation

12. Resources

13. Take care of yourself

Thank you for taking the training.

We hope we gave you some ideas and resources to make your work a little bit easier. Take a short survey and tell us if the training was helpful.