Governor Herbert Announces Extension “Soft Closure” for Public Schools

(April 14, 2020) – Gov. Gary Herbert, along with state superintendent Syd Dickson announced that public schools will extend their “soft closure” until the end of the school year.

“In order to continue to slow the spread of COVID-19, we believe — based on our review of the data and best practices —  that we need to extend the soft closure of our public schools through the remainder of the school year,” Gov. Herbert said.

Although schools will stay physically closed from providing traditional in-person instruction, learning will continue. Local school districts and charters will be instructed to continue with their plans that address the following issues:

  • Continue providing learning opportunities for all students
  • Provide graduating seniors the content they need to transition
  • Maximize opportunities for students to continue to receive meal services
  • Make every effort to keep staff gainfully employed
  • Support student and staff mental health and social emotional needs

The control remains with our local health officers to change this decision from a dismissal to a closure, if they feel the situation in the community develops further.

More specific information on the extension of the soft school closure will be posted on the Utah State Board of Education webpage.