State Leaders Release Utah Leads Together 3.0

May 20, 2020 – Building on previous versions of Utah’s economic recovery plan, Utah leaders released version three of the Utah Leads Together plan.

Gov. Gary Herbert, along with Bryon Russell,  co-chair of the Utah Multicultural Commission, and Natalie Gochnour, director of the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, University of Utah, announced the release Wednesday. Utah Leads Together 3.0 presents guidelines and instructions for protecting high-risk individuals and addresses impacts to Utah’s multi-cultural communities. These discussions will be beneficial as businesses continue to open in Utah.

“From the earliest days of the COVID-19 crisis in our state, Utah Leads Together has offered a roadmap to help overcome the ravages of this virus,” Gov. Herbert says in his introductory message. “Utah Leads Together has helped to unite Utahns in following vital public health guidelines and staying engaged with the economy, all while assisting those in greatest need.”

In addressing high-risk populations, Utah Leads Together 3.0 re-affirms the guidance of the Utah Department of Health to those who fall into high-risk categories. Those guidelines are:

  • Wear face masks at all times in public settings
  • Stay home as much as possible. If you must go into public settings stay at least 6 feet from others.
  • Wash hands often
  • Limit travel to only essential travel. If telework is not possible, limit travel to work-related travel only.
  • Continue to seek emergency care, routine doctor visits, and medication pickups
  • Limit visiting friends or family without urgent need
  • Limit physical interactions with other high-risk individuals, except for members of your household or residence
  • Limit attending gatherings of any number of people outside your household or residence
  • Do not visit others in hospitals, nursing homes, or other residential care facilities

Additional guidance for high-risk individuals can be found here.

Addressing multi-cultural communities, Utah Leads Together 3.0 outlines steps to ensure those communities are getting the help they need. Those steps include (among others):

  • Increase language accessible information – Through translation, interpretation, and literacy skills considerations.
  • Assist in the coordination of disseminating information – Through non-traditional channels for mass access.
  • Increase service engagement in underserved communities – To address essential needs (food and social services).
  • Increase efforts for economic sustainability among diverse businesses

To read the full Utah Leads Together 3.0 document, click here.