The truth about COVID-19 vaccines

Let’s be perfectly clear: The COVID-19 vaccine DOES NOT make people magnetic or Bluetooth compatible. None of the ingredients in the FDA-authorized vaccines are magnetic, and none of the vaccines contain Bluetooth technology. Don’t believe us? Get the real facts behind this misinformation herehereand here. Or check out the ingredients of authorized COVID-19 vaccines for yourself.

You’ve probably heard other interesting things about the COVID-19 vaccines. But many of them aren’t true. We’ve compiled facts to help you combat the misinformation passed on to you by your best friend’s aunt’s neighbor. Feel free to share these truths online to set the record straight.

Bring it home!

The state of Utah is issuing a challenge70% of Utahns 18 and older vaccinated by July 4th. This is how we’ll end the pandemic and help build community immunity against COVID-19. On Monday, June 14, we were at 64% of Utahns who had received their first dose. We especially need the help of 18-39 year-olds to get us there. Come on, Utah! We’ve got this!

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