Utah Leads Together Webinar: Communicating Confidence to Your Team, Customers and Partners

The communications landscape has changed. From virtual conference calls and client meetings to social media campaigns and digital newsletters, everything has been adjusted to accommodate this new work environment we are in. How do you create confidence in your employees, customers and partners using your communication strategy?


  • Amanda Covington, Chief Communications & Government Relations Officer, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies (Moderator)
  • Tom Adams, Chief Operating Officer, Petzl America
  • Mikelle Moore, Senior VP of Community Health, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Sarah Starkey, Chief Legal Officer, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies
  • Taylor Vriens, President, Modern Display

Business, industry and safety experts shared best practices, guidelines, specific risks and ideas on how to build consumer confidence as we turn the dial and safely return to the workplace.