Real Stories. Real Talk.

If you're waiting to get the vaccine or you're still unsure, hear from fellow Utahns who have had COVID-19 themselves or have nearly lost or did lose loved ones to COVID and why they think getting vaccinated is important.

Jeff didn’t think COVID-19 was a big deal, then he contracted the virus. He describes it as an infection so terrible, that he wouldn’t wish it upon his worst enemy. This is his story.

When COVID-19 vaccines were made available, hospital nurse Stormy was vocal about her choice to not get vaccinated. But after becoming infected with the virus and experiencing the debilitating, long-lasting side effects, she fully supports getting the vaccine. This is her story.

Daniel contracted COVID before he was able to get vaccinated, which lead to a stroke, blindness and paralysis. This is his story.

Protect yourself, protect your loved ones. Get vaccinated.

Darrin had already experienced COVID, but decided to get vaccinated. This is his story.

Natural immunity does not last forever. While immunity from natural infection starts to decline after 6 to 8 months, fully vaccinated people still have good immunity after a year— and probably longer. With the highly contagious Delta variant spreading, vaccination is your best protection.