Test to Stay training

Does your school need help with a testing event? Learn more

The Test to Stay program allows students and staff to participate in in-person learning as safely as possible while lessening the burden of quarantine and multiple soft closures on students and their families, teachers, and school administrators.

When a school reaches the outbreak threshold as outlined in the K-12 School Recommendations, a Test to Stay event may be held. These training materials can help school administrators plan and implement a successful testing event.

These PowerPoint trainings explain the procedures and processes of holding a testing event as well as how to use REDCap to report test results to the Utah Department of Health. The trainings also have voice narration. When you click on the training, a PPT file will download.

Using and troubleshooting REDCap

Test to Stay procedures – This is a copy of the above trainings but without the voice narration. It is meant to serve as a reference guide after you have completed the trainings or for those school administrators who have already held successful testing events. Download PDF

Video examples of how to run a Test to Stay event

1 Layout and set-up

2 Registration

3 Testing station

4 Swabbing

5 Reagant and incubation

6 Resulting and recording

7 Decontamination


Does your school need help with a testing event?

The Utah Department of Health has options to help your school conduct testing events:

  • Help with an entire testing event (pre-registration, testing, and reporting). The school only needs to provide the location, time, and staff to help direct those getting tested.
  • Provide COVID-19 tests (swabbers) only. The school does the pre-registration and reporting. 
  • Provide on-site technical assistance for reporting and registration. The school does the testing and pre-registration.

If you need support from our Mobile Testing Team to hold a Test to Stay or Test to Play event, complete this form. A member of our Mobile Testing Team will get back with you. 

If you need to request more test kits or need REDCap assistance, please contact the Utah Department of Health K-12 testing team at K-12Testing@utah.gov, Monday to Friday from 12 noon to 6 p.m.