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The health and well-being of Utah’s children and families is imperative in communities across our state during this pandemic. The Utah Office of Child Care (OCC) and the Utah Child Care Licensing Program have developed a series of FAQs to keep parents, child care providers, businesses and schools informed of ongoing efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring that working parents have child care options. More information can be found below.

The closure of schools as part of the COVID-19 pandemic has created an increased need for child care in Utah. To address this need, the Child Care Task Force, led by OCC, launched the One Utah Child Care system. This system provides support to essential employees in the health and public safety sectors who need a safe place for their school-aged children to receive care while they work to protect the health and safety of all Utahns.

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One Utah Child Care

One Utah Child Care is a free, temporary child care system available to healthcare workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. These essential employees have access to care for their school-aged children through the One Utah Child Care system at participating child care locations.

For parents in need of child care who are employed in health care, public health, law enforcement, public safety or first responder fields, please review the Essential Employee / Parent Overview and Registration to learn about the program and register your children.

For providers and schools, visit the Provider Overview and One Utah Child Care FAQs for information on the One Utah Child Care system, how to participate and other frequently asked questions.


Visit Parent FAQs for:

Child Care Options: Options for your family including where to find child care, whether you should send your child to child care, and what to do if your child’s child care facility has closed.

Child Care Assistance (Subsidies): Eligibility requirements and information on the state’s existing child care subsidy program, including how to change providers and eligibility for part-time and full-time care.

Safety Measures: Answers to safety questions, such as:

    • Can I trust emergency child care programs?
    • Is the government shutting down facilities with more than 10 children?
    • What practices are in place to protect the health of my child?
    • Can I send my healthy children to child care if a family member is confirmed to have COVID-19?
Visit Parent FAQs


Visit Provider FAQs for:

Safety Measures: How to maintain the health and safety of your caregivers and children, action to take if you suspect someone in your facility is sick, and what safety precautions to take to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Child Care Subsidies: Details on subsidy payments, rule enforcement, reporting procedures and business considerations during the pandemic.

Staffing: Answers to questions regarding sick employees, substitute teachers, background checks and emergency site ratios.

Visit Child Care Licensing’s website for information on the Child Care Licensing Emergency Conditions for child care providers. The notice to providers and informational webinar can be viewed on

Visit the CDC for:

Note: The CDC guidance does not supersede state and local laws and policies for child care programs.

Provider FAQs


Visit School FAQs for:

School Closures: Options for parents who have child care needs following school closures.

Financial Resources: How to help parents navigate financial assistance options due to school closures.

Schools FAQs


Visit Business FAQs for:

Establishing Temporary Child Care Services for Employees: The rules, responsibilities and laws regarding the establishment of child care services by a business, including contact information for Utah Child Care Licensing. Information is also included about health and safety requirements, available resources.

Resources for employees to Address Child Care NeedsRESOURCES FOR EMPLOYEES TO ADDRESS CHILD CARE NEEDS: Information employers can pass on to employees regarding child care needs following school or child care program closures.

Businesses FAQs