Public Health Order Extends Closure of Dine-In Options, Controlling Gatherings and Line Formations

Empty restaurant

The Utah Department of Health has issued an order extending closure of dine-in options at food service establishments until April 15. The order also reiterates strict hygiene and public health standards that must be followed at dining establishments, including specific cleaning practices and monitoring employees for symptoms. 

While the order is in large part an extension of previously issued public health orders, it also institutes new requirements for establishments where lines of people form to pick up food. Wherever possible, restaurants should prohibit the formation of a line. Where not possible, they must require that individuals in line be separated by at least six feet, or a physical barrier that prevents the transmission of respiratory droplets. 

“I am grateful to Utah’s restaurants for their efforts to quickly adjust to new policies. It is encouraging to see so many businesses take seriously their responsibility to protect public health,” Gov. Herbert said.  “I am hopeful that the new requirements instituted today will help our restaurants continue safely offering pick-up and delivery services.” 

The order also clarifies that individuals who test positive for COVID-19, who are exposed to an individual who tests positive for COVID-19, or who are a member of the same household as an individual who tests positive, shall comply with self isolation or quarantine notices. 

The order is effective immediately and remains in effect until April 15. View the order here.