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Help inform others that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective. Please use the resources below to share vaccine facts with those you know.

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Greater protection for all

All Utahns ages 5 and older can get the vaccine.

Keep ICU beds open

Utah ICUs are full of COVID patients — nearly all of whom haven’t been vaccinated. Get the vaccine to keep ICU beds open.

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Get the facts from trusted sources

Talk to your doctor

  • Why are booster shots needed?
  • Can you mix and match the booster dose?
  • If I am a breakthrough case, should I get the booster dose?
  • Why could the United States generate variants?
  • Why are case counts so high for ages 25-44?
  • Who is being hospitalized from COVID-19?
  • What is different between unvaccinated and vaccinated patients?
  • Why is it time to get the vaccine?
  • Can I get the COVID and flu vaccine at the same time?
  • What do we know about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine?
  • Will the vaccine protect you from all variants?
  • Are there side effects from the booster dose?
  • Are kids being hospitalized from COVID-19?
  • What is the status of Utah's hospitals?
  • How can people help the hospitals?
  • Why are surgeries being postponed?
  • Should you avoid the hospital during this time?
  • How do we help combat COVID-19?
  • What is crisis standard care and how to prevent it?
  • How does natural immunity compare to the vaccine?
  • Does the vaccine help against the Delta variant?
  • Are the vaccines effective against the Delta variant?
  • How do we know someone has the Delta variant?
  • What are breakthrough cases?
  • Have the vaccines been around long enough?
  • How long does natural immunity last? 
  • Is it safer to get the vaccine than COVID-19?
  • Are the side effects worse than the disease?
  • What advice do you give about the vaccine?
  • Why do people who’ve had COVID-19 need a vaccine?
  • Should parents be worried about myocarditis?
  • Is the kids' vaccine for the ages 5-11 effective?
  • Why is it important to get kids 5-11 vaccinated?
  • Should parents vaccinated their kids?
  • Why should parents have their kids get the vaccine?
  • What are the side effects of the kids' vaccine?
  • If your child has already had COVID, should they get the vaccine?
  • Are the vaccines safe for pregnant women?
  • Does the vaccine affect a baby during pregnancy?
  • Are the vaccines linked to miscarriage?
  • How effective are the COVID-19 vaccines?
  • How was the vaccine made so fast?
  • Are the vaccines safe for breastfeeding mothers?
  • Do the vaccines affect a baby's DNA?
  • Why should someone trust your advice?
  • Did you have concerns about the vaccine?
  • Are the vaccines safe?

Hear from community members

  • Pregnancy: Did you talk to your doctor about the vaccine?
  • Pregnancy: How do you feel now that you’re vaccinated?
  • Did you have concerns about the vaccine?
  • Why is it important for kids to get vaccinated?
  • What's your message for those with concerns?
  • Why did you decide to get vaccinated?



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Spanish Vaccine Videos

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Verdades Sobre las Vacunas

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La Vacuna Protege

Avoid the quaranteen.

No one wants a teen stuck at home. Get them vaccinated to keep COVID out of school and keep them in class and at extracurricular activities.

How to keep kids safe at school

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Videos / Social Media

Who ya gonna call? Mythbusters!

Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Like vaccine misinformation? If you’re on the fence about getting vaccinated for COVID-19, let us bust some myths for you.

Get the facts

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Video / Radio / Billboard / Digital Ads / Social Media

Download and share these videos with your friends and family, and help encourage others to get vaccinated.

Getting There Campaign


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    Multilingual Social Videos




    Multilingual videos

    • What is a vaccine?
      (Arabic/Burmese/Chinese/Farsi/French/Hindi/Karen/Kinyarwanda/Korean/Lao/Marshallese/Mongolian/Nepali/Portuguese/Russian/Samoan/Sango/Somali/Swahili, Tagalog/Tongan/Vietnamese)
    • Vaccine Side Effects
      (Arabic/Burmese/Chinese/Farsi/French/Hindi/Karen/Kinyarwanda/Korean/Lao/Marshallese/Mongolian/Nepali/Portuguese/Russian/Samoan/Sango/Somali/Swahili, Tagalog/Tongan/Vietnamese)
    • The mRNA Vaccine
      (Arabic/Burmese/Chinese/Farsi/French/Hindi/Karen/Kinyarwanda/Korean/Lao/Marshallese/Mongolian/Nepali/Portuguese/Russian/Samoan/Sango/Somali/Swahili, Tagalog/Tongan/Vietnamese)
    • Vaccine Distribution
      (Arabic/Burmese/Chinese/Farsi/French/Hindi/Karen/Kinyarwanda/Korean/Lao/Marshallese/Mongolian/Nepali/Portuguese/Russian/Samoan/Sango/Somali/Swahili, Tagalog/Tongan/Vietnamese)
    • How are COVID-19 vaccines tested and approved?(Arabic/Burmese/Chinese/Farsi/French/Hindi/Karen/Kinyarwanda/Korean/Lao/Marshallese/Mongolian/Nepali/Portuguese/Russian/Samoan/Sango/Somali/Swahili, Tagalog/Tongan/Vietnamese)
    • What is Herd Immunity?
      (Arabic/Burmese/Chinese/Farsi/French/Hindi/Karen/Kinyarwanda/Korean/Lao/Marshallese/Mongolian/Nepali/Portuguese/Russian/Samoan/Sango/Somali/Swahili, Tagalog/Tongan/Vietnamese)

    For Healthcare Providers

    • 7 things parents should know about the COVID-19 vaccine (English / Spanish)
    • Kids and the vaccine - FAQs for parents (English / Spanish)
    • Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 and older - provider education (English)
    • Get answers about the COVID-19 vaccine (English)
    • How to become a vaccine provider (English)
    • Patient form letter (English / Spanish)


    • Are COVID-19 vaccines linked to infertility or miscarriage? ( English / Spanish )

    • What we know about pregnant people and the vaccine ( English / Spanish )

    • Obstetricians and gynecologists recommend vaccination ( English / Spanish )

    • We're making great strides (English / Spanish)

    • The Delta variant: More contagious and more severe (English / Spanish)

    • The truth about COVID-19 vaccines (English / Spanish)

    • Vaccine Real Talk: Can Fully Vaccinated People Get COVID-19? (English / Spanish)

    • Mild Side Effects from the COVID-19 Vaccine are Normal (English)

    • Utah teachers, school staff, older adults to receive COVID-19 vaccine (English)

    • How the mRNA Vaccine Works (English)

    • The COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe and Effective (English)

    • Vaccines Protect us from Viruses and Infections (English)

    • Debunking the Myth of Non-Vaccine Herd Immunity in COVID-19 (English)

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